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Although swimming is an essential life skill, traditional teaching and coaching methods have made it difficult to master because they teach an awkward, exhausting style of swimming.

Total Immersion has a foolproof approach to teaching which brings results far faster than conventional methods and helps swimmers or triathletes of any level to master a fast, efficient and beautiful technique. Drag increases exponentially with speed (twice the speed equals four time the drag!) Therefore small reductions in drag at low speed translate into large energy savings at high speeds.

We teach you the the foundations of swimming first, i.e. balance and streamline, before teaching you the skills to increase propulsion .

Total Immersion aims to enrich as many lives as possible by improving the way swimming is taught and practiced, and to make the experience of swimming more accessible, enjoyable and satisfying for everybody.

Total Immersion:: Swimming that Changes Your Life


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The Coaches

Gill Anderson and Dawn McFarlane are now starting their 8th year of business in their purpose built premises, just outside the centre of Rochford. Tri ā€˜Nā€™ Swim W.E.L.L. features an Endless Pool and is located near the Golden Cross in Rochford, Essex .

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State of the art pool

Gill Kelly and Dawn Rolph are proud of their state of the art swim coaching facility in Rochford.

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Tri ā€˜nā€™ Swim Well is an approved retailer of HUUB products, including the amazing Huub Archimedes II . Huub have been voted best wetsuit brand for 3 years running, and their selection of wetsuits has something for everyone to suit most budgets.