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Absolutely brilliant session with Tri n Swim Well. The ladies were super friendly and clearly very knowledgeable. Gill knew I was a nervous swimmer and instantly put me at ease - I would highly recommend for anyone nervous in water! Fantastic feedback with video analysis - it’s amazing what you can see from watching back your stroke. The session was jam packed with steps which were broken down and then put back together. Already after just one session I can see the progress from when I got in to when I left - amazing. Very reasonably priced and worth the money. Have already rebooked with them! Thanks ladies!

Lucie July 2020

I came for my first lesson with the ladies this morning, they were recommended to me as a runner struggling with reoccurring knee trouble ready for a new challenge. I love swimming and being in the water but I was very aware my technique was bad and I’d have a lot of changes to make. Gill was amazing in the pool she broke everything down so it made sense and then put bits together and I could really see the changes on the video playback. I also had a wetsuit fitting and am very happy with my wetsuit, these ladies are so knowledgeable. 100% worth the money I could not have taken any more in, I can’t wait to get practising and will be booking another 1 to 1 lesson before hitting the open water ????????

Sam July 2020

One again I have to say thank you for the lesson a couple of weeks ago. I had a good swim this morning. I still need to straighten up a lot more but I feel it is coming together. Still turning my head to far but I know it so thinking about it.I managed 4 laps this morning and cleared 3702 yards. I’m taking that. Dedicating that swim to you girls. Thank you.

Graham July 2020

I also want to say ‘thanks’ for the awesome lesson.  I’ve seen a lot of amazing teachers in 20 years of working in education, but have rarely been the student of one - it was such a great experience.
Now I’ve got the hard work of trying to make myself swim differently.

Rose July 2020

definitely thoroughly recommend a 1:1 swimming coaching lesson with Gill.  Last year I had a couple of Open Water Group Coaching sessions with TRI’N'SWIM WELL at the Tri Farm Lake in Boreham, as I was a novice to swimming in open water and in a wetsuit. (Which is very different from swimming in a pool) and was training for my first open water event. Their lessons certainly helped and gave me confidence swimming in the open water. 

This year I’ve booked an indoor swimming event and a couple of open water events. So knowing how much training I’m doing it was important to me to check I was swimming correctly, efficiently and taking care of my body.  As aware if your technique is incorrect you can do more harm than good to your body.  A couple of friends had also recommended TRI’N'SWIM WELL coaching lessons in their endless pool, so I was keen to book!

My recent 1:1 ‘Recreational Swim Coaching’ session with Gill was brilliant! And really worthwhile!  The hour flew!  Gill is friendly, professional, easy going and relaxed to be with.  She gives clear instructions and has helped me so much on my Front Crawl technique. (It’s good to have an idea on what swim stroke(s) you would like help with before your session).  I haven’t had swimming lessons since I was a kid, and for many years never even thought about going swimming that regular.  Now I love swimming and feel the benefits of it.  I am so thrilled I had my 1:1 with Gill as for the first time I feel I now swim with a rhythm and flow, no longer feel clunky.  Plus the little niggles I had i.e. lower back and ankle seem to have gone, probably because I have learnt to swim much better and thus slightly faster.  The video’s, notes and drills to practice that Gill provided is excellent.  And means I can refer back to them for reminders as and when.  After my lesson, Dawn, the other coach was teaching some young kids, they looked like they were having fun, but again all professional. 

What ever your age and ability or reason for having a swim lesson; I genuinely recommend choosing the session that suits you and your needs with ‘TRI’N'SWIM WELL.

Nicole 2/3/2020

I had a 1:1 session with Gill recently.  I received excellent personal tuition in a very professional and relaxed style.  It was extremely helpful to see footage of the way I swim, get an immediate assessment, and then try and correct it.  Brilliant feedback with loads of advice and tips.  Highly recommended!’

Bernice 10/2/20

Thanks for yesterday, really enjoyed it. Swam 2.5k this morning, four minutes quicker than I’ve recently managed, breathing both sides and felt a lot easier on my shoulder too, trying too keep right hand out from under me and fingers in first! Really did feel easier once I settled into a rhythm.

I just wanted to thank you again for M***** Butterly sessions.
He swam 50m Fly in the recent Dev Meet, and his time has improved from 58 sec to 44 sec!!  So a huge than-you to your very helpful session!!

parent of a club swimmer

I really look forward to every session with Trinswimwell.  Gill and Dawn are knowledgable, patient and fun. Experts in their field! The pool and technology used are second to none but the coaches are pure gold. I would recommend to anybody from beginner to seasoned pros and can’t think of a more enjoyable way to develop your technique.

Jayne Putt

Finding Tri n Swim Well has been an absolute blessing for my sons progress in the pool.
My son, Archie, 13 years old, is a competitive swimmer in Kent. He trains with his club on average 14 hours a week and even though they cover the mileage in training Archie felt that he needed to work more on his technique.
After doing a search I discovered Tri n Swim Well and learnt that they operate technical training in an endless pool. I knew instantly that this was the perfect way to address any technical problems and fair easier to correct any element that needed correcting. With every aspect of his swim recorded I knew Archie was going to benefit greatly.
Since attending technical training with the wonderful Gill Archie has progressed in the pool greatly, Knocking off 19 seconds from his 400 IM recently placing him 3rd in the UK and knocking off 7 seconds on his 400 free placing him 5th in the UK for long course, before the races he wasn’t even in the top 25. Last week he entered a Regional Qualifier with 9 races and came away with 9 x 1st places and 6 new pbs, his 100 free now places him 2nd in the UK for short course. Not bad results considering he was a late starter in the swimming world and didn’t take up the sport until a month off from his 11th birthday.
He was also awarded Best Swimmer at the National Arena League Final in Cardiff in March and has been selected for two years running by Swim England for their development programmes.
I cannot stress the benefits that the endless pool training has given him and how it has helped him to progress even further in his chosen sport. It is a fair distance to travel but it’s absolutely worth it and Archie really enjoys his sessions and learns so much. Everything is discussed, informing him of the negatives of his swim and then working with him to improve it. Both Gill and Dawn are extremely knowledgable in their field and we are so happy we found them and will continue to use their service to maintain his techniques as he grows and develops.
To conclude, both Archie and I are extremely grateful to Gill for all she has done to help develop him into the swimmer he wants to be

Sarah Hawkins

If anyone wants to learn to swim then these are the teachers to visit. Only 20 months ago I went for my first swimming lesson where I couldn’t even do one length of the pool in front crawl. Last weekend I did a Full Ironman and not only completed the swim successfully but enjoyed it too! They have given me the confidence to swim in open water and have experiences I never thought I’d be able to do. As a 50 year old Grandmother I know anything is possible with Trinswimwell.

Gill Gerard

Hi Gill thank you soooo much for your very professional and positive tuition I’ve have something to work towards now instead of plodding on . Had a brilliant time.love the video ... bring on the next Tri!! Helen


Just to say thank you and to let you know that CC swam the 400 IM today in a 6 second PB to put her 6th in the U.K. and smash the club record by 20 seconds!! And win gold.

The breastroke focus paid off!


I can not recommend Gill and Dawn highly enough.
Not only did they help my son no end a few years ago with his stroke development when swimming competitively, but they’ve just done it again with video assessment for his GCSE PE.

Clive Barton

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your time today. It was very refreshing to not be met by people wanting to sell the most expensive product; rather by people who genuinely wanted to sell the best-suited product to the buyer. I really appreciated the tips regarding my swimming too. I feel I’m ready to approach my open water events and I’m brimming with confidence following the technique analysis that your cameras allow


Wow!  I went swimming on Thursday.  So much to remember.  There were one or two amazing moments where it all felt just right which I was thrilled about.  Having planned on doing a pattern of three lengths front crawl followed by one length or recovery breaststroke I soon gave up the breastroke as I didn’t need a recovery length.  I ended up swimming for 45 minutes.  It wasn’t fast and I didn’t put much power into it but it was such a change from previous efforts.  I think I was a long way off from being able to swim front crawl for that amount of time and not feeling desperately exhausted before the lesson.  All I had to do was to focus for a few seconds at each end to concentrate again on what I was supposed to be doing.  The breathing improved, I definitely felt that my whole body was higher in the water and when I managed to get the just kicking up correctly it felt like a dream.  Looking forward to my next practice session.  Thank you so much.

Sally Hemmings

Wow!  I went swimming on Thursday.  So much to remember.  There were one or two amazing moments where it all felt just right which I was thrilled about.  Having planned on doing a pattern of three lengths front crawl followed by one length or recovery breaststroke I soon gave up the breastroke as I didn’t need a recovery length.  I ended up swimming for 45 minutes.  It wasn’t fast and I didn’t put much power into it but it was such a change from previous efforts.  I think I was a long way off from being able to swim front crawl for that amount of time and not feeling desperately exhausted before the lesson.  All I had to do was to focus for a few seconds at each end to concentrate again on what I was supposed to be doing.  The breathing improved, I definitely felt that my whole body was higher in the water and when I managed to get the just kicking up correctly it felt like a dream.  Looking forward to my next practice session.  Thank you so much.

Sally Hemmings

Your instruction on my front crawl was transformative. For me it’s meant being able to swim further, jumping up from a mile to 2 kms, and not feeling so exhausted at the end - ie much more efficient.
It has also removed pain in both shoulders that I used to experience after any regular swimming.

patrick symes

Hi Gill, I have tried hip rotation a couple of times since seeing you for my try before you buy wetsuit fitting . It has immediately improved my body position and already times are coming down . Legs are now not crossing and have become far more efficient allowing upper body to become less fatigued during swim.
My time today over 2500m dropped by 50 secs to give me a new Pb. Results are impressive so will continue to practice for a 2/3 weeks then I will tackle left hand entry.
I’m at 1.46/100m for 2500m , target is to drop that by another 10secs or more/100m .


Many thanks for the great coached session at Trifarm the other week. Although I swam regularly in competitive sea races during my 20s in Dublin, nobody ever gave me any advice specific to outdoor swimming before. I found it enormously useful, and tried to use all the tips you gave us at the Great East Swim last Sunday.  I found that I swam better and had more energy due to increasing my rate of breathing, improved posture and not sighting nearly as much as I used to. I came 84th overall, 26th woman in and 2nd in my age group (45-49), I was really thrilled!
I will try to find time to book another open water session before the season is over, and try to get to grips with my sighting

S Kelly

Sorry to bother you on your Saturday night but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with my swimming. It felt like it all clicked and fell into place for me today at the pool. I felt that relaxed, I could have fallen asleep! Luckily, I didn’t ...

Layla White 11/3/17

Had my first session today, absolutely loved it. Was a massive eye opener, I learnt loads & can’t wait to go back for some more coaching. I highly recommended Tri n Swim Well, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex Kelly 13/3/17

Thank you for the tuition, you have helped me more than I hoped for and it has completely transformed the way I swim.

Matt March 2017

So, I’m not DEAD in the water! Instantly felt at home with Gill & Dawn just after my first lesson! And I’ve got homework!!!
Thanks ladies ��

Rich Essl 16/9/16

Gill and Dawn are awesome - great facilities - what I love most is the honest approach straight talking no fuss but sooooooooo encouraging and generally possibly two of the nicest and genuine people I have ever met - I love them both ❤️❤️xx

Scott Dench 12/9/16

Hi Gill/Dawn,
Just wanted to know that I managed to complete the Dart 10k in 3 hours and
it felt good!
Not bad for someone who was still learning crawl in January.
Big thanks to you both for the lessons and advice on the wetsuits
Gerald 20/9/16


The good news is that I finished the Ironman! It was my first ever open water swim apart from my 10 minute practice the evening before. I did a 1hr 44min for 3,800m (2.4mi) although prob actually swam more like 4,000m due to zig zags.
Anyway, all of this was only possible due to your instruction. I literally couldn’t do 4 lengths of front crawl when I came to you (as you well know!!) Your lessons were invaluable and gave me the knowledge to take into practice whilst out of area. I could never have done this without you so thank you.

Jamie 31/7/16

i have just had my first lesson with Gill and i am so happy with all the help and swim tips and information that she gave me in just one hour.
I feel that i have learned more in one hour than i did having 3 months of lessons elsewhere.
Everyone there was very friendly and made me feel very welcome on my first visit and i will definitely be back for more help
thank you Donna

Donna 6/8/16

Thank you so much for the brilliant lesson - a superb method that was delivered by an inspirational coach. The video that was then forwarded to me extended what I had been taught - not sure how you actually deliver what you do for so little, it must all be so time consuming.

Looking forward to treating myself to a series of lessons!

Jennie , London Oct 2015

Ben swam his first gala of the season tonight & knocked 2 secs off his 50 breaststroke, winning a gold medal & qualifying for counties. He was thrilled & said its all down to his lesson with you. He wanted me to thank you, so thank you very much Gill, a great start to the season.

Mother of competitive swimmer Sept 2015

Just to let you know, I completed Ironman Wales in a time of 14h26m on Sunday. After last year’s disastrous swim time of 2h18m, I’m pleased to say that I managed a far more respectable 1h33m for the 2.4 mile sea swim, albeit in slightly calmer conditions. After my one session with you, (8th August) I concentrated on my head/body position, the lengthening of my stroke and the streamlining of my erratic legs. I guess every little helped!

Ian Sept 2015

I had a lesson with you Tuesday night.  I can’t thank you enough . I had my first dip in the pool last night and I smashed 72 lengths and then done a 1 hour circuit training session after. I noticed a momentous leap forward in my ability and some energy to spare. “I’ve seen the light “. Thank you and I will be back in 2 to 3 weeks for a follow up.

Andrew , Leigh , April 2015

Hi Gill
Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting my front crawl earlier this year. When I swan Lake Windermere in 2014 I suffered terrible rotator cuff pain throughout the swim and post swim. Since my sessions with you and Tri N Swim Well, my catch, pull and cross over issues are sorted and I swam the English Channel in 12hours 39mins on July 23rd 2015 with no issue or pain killers.. Brilliant…!!
Keep up the great work. I have attached a pic from my big day for your records.
Thanks again

Nick White
Channel Swimmer July 2015

Hello! I have just completed the London Triathlon. Olympic distance. The swim was a doddle. I didn’t go that fast but I didn’t freak out either! I swam in a cocoon of calm and gradually upped the pace as I felt more comfortable. I didn’t pay much attention to what other people were doing, but I did overtake some guys from the previous men’s wave and - here’s the best bit - when I got back to transition THERE WERE STILL LOADS OF BIKES THERE!!! From my wave. Normally by the time get out of the water my bike is the only one there, all alone. THANK YOU Gill and Dawnie for your patience and good humour and terrific teaching. Today would not have been remotely possible if it wasn’t for you. I’m so glad I found you (or you found me). grin

Jennifer Zerk , triathlete 11/08/2015

Thanks for the four great sessions ladies, Erin has loved them all, and most importantly, learnt lots!

I’ll let you know next time she records some great pb’s grin

Sarah, mother of competitive club swimmer after 4 stroke package 1/6/15

I shocked myself with 26:37 - that’s about 90 seconds off Hever last year so I am obviously thrilled to bits and have a lot to thank you guys for.

I did feel really comfortable, almost even enjoying it!

Now what are you like at coaching running….?

Thanks again,

Kevin 1/6/15

Hi Gill just wanted to tell you how my first open water went yesterday. I swam in a Cocoon of calm. And was third out of the water did the 400 in 7.25 that is a minute faster than I have ever swam. I was 45 th. Out of 215 in the swim 30 th male and
4th in my age group. A massive thank you to you and Dawn you are awesome. I couldn’t be happier with the help and coaching you have given me x

Rob Hall 30/5/15

Just wanted to say thank you for your help in improving our swimming (well, actually teaching us how to front crawl properly!)

Tom and I did the Hyde Park triathlon yesterday and our swim times smashed our expectations. Tom did the 750m in 15:13 and I did it in 18:36. We were very happy. Overall the tri itself was fantastic and we had great weather too.

Now we have some times to beat

Jenni Tomblin 30/5/15

I cannot recommend Gill and Dawn enough!!!! The power of the video and hands on coaching is second to none!! And with their wealth of experience they helped me change things in my stroke in just one hour that I never thought possible. Thank you and I am looking forward to the next one. grin

Tracey Baumann

Since my lesson I am practising staying horizontal in the water and leading with elbows and not crossing hands.  This alone has taken two seconds off my “cruising speed” (per length) which, over 2km or more, adds up to quite a lot.  Just thought you would like to know!
Can’t wait to get back into my lovely wetsuit.

Jennifer Zerk

After my last session with u two, i shed 20 seconds off my 400m time! Check me out!

Jane Bramble . EET

I would just like to say a very big thank you for teaching me to swim and although it was very slow I completed my first triathlon last weekend - when I came to see you in February I couldn’t put my face in the water and have now booked my second triathlon - thank you so much for your help and also your help with the open water sessions

Julie Ludlow

Gill Kelly and Dawn Mcfarlane. Love you guys. Two totally amazing, patient and skilled swim coaches with a fabulous facility, great open water swim sessions and a sense of fun. It has been nothing short of a miracle…...I CAN NOW SWIM…....and I absolutely love it. Give me open water over a pool any day. From not being able to do more than 2 breaths without half drowning to completing 1.2 miles all front crawl….......thank you, thank you, thank you. ‘Tri n Swim Well’ rocks

Debi Knight

Just wanted to say thanks for Monday. The improvement has been nothing short of a miracle. Maisy has started beating kids that she was miles behind a week ago!

Also she trains at Basildon on a thursday and swam 1100m fly without breaking stroke once. She is well pleased and looking forward to her next session. Also she is now confident she can qualify for Essex Winter champs.

Mr Hampton

I’m delighted to say that after trying to put into practice the tips from Dawn I managed to take 3 minutes off my mile time on Saturday, and thats after a single lesson. Needless to say I’m very keen to block book some lessons.

Andrea Hearn

I first came along to Dawn and Gill in the spring of 2012 after watching Terry Laughlins Total Immersion DVDs.

After researching various TI courses I could not believe there were two TI coaches actually in Essex.Result.

I booked a 5 lesson package with them and left each session with a renewed enthusiasm for perfecting what is, a most fantastic form of freestyle.

I am not a competitive swimmer at all(although it’s very satisfying to glide past people in my local pool with minimal effort whilst they are thrashing around like a turbine but actually going nowhere) I just love the feeling of swimming and the benefits it offers all round.

I am back doing my second course of five lessons this year and still finding dawn and Gills coaching immensely rewarding.

In short, if you swim at all(for what ever reason) you can only benefit from a bit of Tri n swim well coaching.

Farmer Pete

Finally managed to get Jon-Jo to the pool for the first time since his lesson last week and I want to let you know how grateful I am!! He got in, said, ‘oh, I don’t think I can remember what to do’ but within 10 minutes he had not only remembered, but had managed to SWIM a width of the pool (Belfairs training pool!). As he has yet to master breathing as he goes along, he managed this all on one breath as he was so determined to make it!

It was a joy for me to witness and I really just wanted to say how much I appreciate the difference you have made for him

Caroline mother of Jon-Jo aged 8 previously scared of water

Kyle has always loved to be in the swimming pool, however he did not like getting splashed or putting his head fully underwater, couldn’t swim and only had confidence when he was hanging around my neck! In the short time (2hrs 15 minutes in total) that he was in the water with Gill, she gave him the confidence to fully submerge his head and blow out through his nose and taught him to swim on his back unaided. To say i am amazed is an understatement (we had been trying all Summer), which is why i have already booked his place on the next course in April.

Claire Gifford
Mother of Kyle age 5

Swim with confidence childrens half term Feb 2012 course
The course was excellent. In just 3 lessons my son went from not wanting to get his face wet to happily ducking right under the water. Gill is a brilliant coach, very patient and explains everything to the children.“

Chris Penny mum of Alex age 8

I used to consider myself a reasonable swimmer but could never swim a sub-30 mile notmatter how hard I tried. A friend at the pool told me I could be more efficient if I tried Total Immersion swimming and duly gave me the book for my birthday. Unlike him, I found it difficult to learn from the book and then I discovered Tri’n’swimwell on my doorstep. Three lessons later and a LOT ( and I mean a LOT) of drilling( and generally feeling very silly in the pool and half drowning at times), it suddenly clicked. My stroke is more relaxed and can now do a sub-30 mile without wearing myself out. TI swimming makes so much sense and with the one-to-one hands on sessions in the Tri’n’swim endless pool this is an invaluable way of learning. As a fellow Redcap OW swimmer there is nothing more satisfying than gliding along in a lovely flat sea with the sun shining

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-nXF27ATjs&rel=0">Watch before video | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8bETisBmaI&rel=0">Watch after video ]

Helen Wildin
Chalkwell redcap

I was given a swim lesson voucher as a gift and was anxious about what I would discover about my swimming technique. The first session was a complete revelation. No wonder I was swimming so slow, I wasn’t going anywhere! I had a massive problem with arms crossing over!

Gill and Dawn are so patient, supportive and positive. They broke every aspect of the stroke down for me and we have worked together to get me swimming faster. Before my lessons I swam a mile in 36 minutes, after 3 months down to 32, now in November down to 30 minutes. The discs and drills help me keep focused between sessions.

I now have people commenting on my perfect swimming technique (including very fast master swimmers)! Gill and Dawn have helped me step up my swimming, and who knows where it might end - Calais?

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GiIGZ-7rVQ&rel=0">Watch before video | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y3JmxqZFjo&rel=0">Watch after video ]

Victoria Hill

Chalkwell Redcap

Swimming for me had always been the unpleasant first stage of a triathlon in which I was terribly slow, unable to hold a freestyle stroke for more than 200m and generally lacked confidence. I had spent hours in the pool attempting to self improve.

I signed up for a series of 6 one hour sessions in Total Immersion in early 2011. The sessions built up the elements of a freestyle body positioning, stroke and breathing. This was done with a lot of laughter and humour. I went away from each session with a DVD and written instructions of what I had been taught. In between lessons I would dedicate two sessions per week in the pool to doing the prescribed drills.

The difference after the six lessons… 400m times have fallen from 14mins to 7mins (and improving), endurance is no longer an issue with me happily able to hold a functional comfortable freestyle stroke, I enjoy my swimming sessions and somewhat more importantly I now have the confidence in my swimming to place myself towards the front of the pack at a open water mass start.

I can’t thank or recommend Gill and Dawn enough at TriNSwimWell for teaching me Total Immersion

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp1HOYHyVFo&sns=em&rel=0">Watch before video | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqkkOVUsGT4&sns=em&rel=0">Watch after video ]

Chris Ward – JUNE 2011

Morning gill, just been swimming, ended up in a lane with a triathlete. Really nice chap, just a know-it-all. He’s telling me all his swim times. He told me to go first, done 400m steady to concentrate on my breathing, left him for dead. He insisted I’d been in a club b4. Thank u so much gill, I gave him ur number. x

Danny Sains May 2011

Hi Gill, was going to text you but thought, u see so many kids lol…. Connor PB’d his 50 & 200 breast for the first time in 18 months the weekend straight after he came to you. Also this weekend he took 5 secs off his IM time which leaves him 2 secs off his national time. He looks like a breaststoker again although he still needs to be reminded that whip round his arms as quickly aggressively as possible. He’s really happy and as soon as I can afford it, I’ll be back xx

Mrs Kearns May 2011

Gill & Dawn from Tri N Swim WELL are very friendly and excellent at explaining where one is going wrong without making you feel bad. It is really nice to see such a clean friendly facility in Essex

JoJo Cranfield
DSE Nationwide Eastern Regional 2008 Sports Personality
Southend-on-Sea, 2008 junior “Sports Personality” of the Year
Member of the British Swim Team

My daughter (age 10) and I (age 51), are both club swimmers. We have been working with Gill & Dawn at Tri n Swimwell to improve our stroke technique. Very important at both our ages! The results for my daughter have been in getting a constant number of pb times on all her strokes even those she considered her weakest. This has kept her confidence and spirits high for the sport. For me, not as many pbs but I can swim for longer with more stamina than before and less aches and pains. I think this method of swimming causes less wear and tear on typical swimming stress areas such as shoulders.

The sessions we’ve had have been valuable and alot of fun. We would highly recommend a session to swimmers wanting to learn how to swim better.

Deb & Isabelle, Guernsey , CI

A fantastic facility that is professionally run by coaches who provide constructive and supportive instructions in a friendly and warm manner. The improvements I made in just a hour and a half were startling, can’t wait to go back!

Iain Keenan RN, MSc, BSc(Hons) PGCE
Senior Teaching Fellow
School of Health and Human Sciences
University of Essex (Southend Campus)

The endless pool is an excellent facility and accompaniment to our daughter’s swimming training, it has enabled her to focus on the finer points of her strokes without interrupting her club coaching sessions. The service that we have received when purchasing a specialist swim skin “Blue Seventy” has been second to none. A very satisfied customer!

Mum to Kerriann Chipperfield
Winner of 3 gold Medals at the Essex Championships
Swimming for Thurrock Swim club

Huub Wetsuits open water coaching